Raw Shea Nut Butter Cream & Black Mineral Shea Soap For All

At Nectar Heals we use fresh raw ingredients, without fillers, thickening agents or toxic preservatives. For babies and all ages, we offer Pure Authentic, African Black Soap with raw Shea butter, made traditionally through fire, so it's packed with minerals. We also offer raw, Grade A, unrefined Ivory whipped Shea butter with a touch of organic coconut oil and purified water. Raw Shea butter and African black soap are antioxidant rich, PROVEN to Fade Skin Discolorations, Improve Skin Tone, Reduce Fine Lines, Help Heal Skin Blemishes, Rashes, Acne, Eczema and Razor Bumps. The ashes in black soap exfoliate with antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, for deep pore cleansing. Raw Shea butter is packed with healing properties, where as refined, processed Shea butter loses almost all it's healing properties. Most creams we find use processed Shea butter, thus the healing qualities are lost, and fillers are added, which dull the potency and effectiveness. Shea butter is processed to whiten the color and remove the natural nutty scent since it comes from the Shea nut from Shea trees only found in Ghana and West Africa. Though the yummy, nutty scent dissipates after 20 minutes of applying, so we chose to keep the Shea butter raw and all it's healing qualities. Raw Shea is of the strongest healing nectars in the world as a significant clinically proven Anti-inflammatory and Tumor Reducer, Helps heal sores, burns & rashes, Eases pain from muscle fatigue & arthritis, Contains essential fatty acids, vitamins A & E to maintain skins elasticity & suppleness. Click on the Clinical Studies tab above to learn more. Happy Cleaning and Healing! Wholesale pricing for bulk buys are available.